Runner and Stone

by christine alcalay

Every once in a while, a gem of a shop or restaurant pops up in our neighborhood. We consider ourselves one of those mama and papa gems. It's the kind of place where the lovely people who work in the store, shop, cafe, bakery know what you like. They know that you don't wear sleeveless tops, only take almond milk, would like your dressing on the side, that you're allergic to nickel based metals and that you have a 2 year old little girl named Sophie.  It's what's called a neighborhood- our neighborhood.  I'd like to dedicate this series of journal entries to the gems of our neighborhood. The places that make where we work and live everyday what it is. That in our great big city,  of our ever so "hip" borough, nestled in a big area of park slope and neighbors such as Gowanus, Boreum hill, Carroll gardens, Windsor terrace, Kensington, Ditmas park, Prospect Heights, and so many more, there are still places you are proud to bring your visiting friends and family because they are gems.  


Two iced coffees, an iced chai latte and always fluctuating between two chocolate croissants or a loaf of semolina bread with butter is how we start off out morning. We never even have to say a word anymore. Sometimes as we walk through the front door, the drinks are already in the bar waiting for us greeted by Antonia, whom I mistakenly called Valentina for about 6 months. Embarrassed much. Let's just say- mortified. 

We talk about our children. I've learned the names of the regulars myself- Shelly, Natasha... 


The baguettes are as good as any boulangerie in France. The croissants are light yet decadent, brioche moist and light, monkey bread, salt sprinkled pretzels, semolina bread fresh out of the oven and enough carbs to make any athlete proud. Oh. Bread. 


They make the best baguettes I've tasted outside of Paris. 


It's one of those places that will be etched into my memory for years to come as a place where I literally broke bread with my family.


Thank goodness for small businesses and every single person behind it. 


Shop local. Eat local. Support your small businesses.


Runner and Stone. #shoplocal

Antonia and her radiant smile. 

Antonia and her radiant smile. 

Semolina bread and butter. 

Semolina bread and butter.