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Samantha Knight

4mm Gold Bead Necklace

  • 14k yellow gold (5.2 grams)

  • 4mm wide hollow beads

  • 15” long

Expressed in delicate lines and exquisitely hand-set gemstones, SKFJ takes aim at the notion of fine jewelry as ornate, frumpy, dust-covered museum pieces to be trotted out for special occasions, if at all.

On the contrary, Los Angeles-based designer Samantha Knight wants her pieces to be worn every day, for every occasion, and for no particular reason. Long known for creating “livable luxury” in the home with the lifestyle brands madport and madport décor, Samantha’s design intuition shimmers with classic-but-edgy pieces to dress up a jeans-and-tee outfit or make a celebration shine brighter.


4mm Gold Bead Necklace