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Attune Collective

Tranquil Palo Santo Bundle


Lavender and chamomile bring tranquility to your surroundings in this Palo Santo bundle tied with an Italian silk chiffon ribbon.

Our Palo Santo is naturally procured and ethically harvested in Ecuador 4-10 years after the tree has fallen. For every fallen tree, another is planted. Use to clear space, ground, or meditate.

Wrapped in Los Angeles and flowers are dried in studio and each bundle is one of kind. Sizing and color will vary.

  • Each bundle comes with three palo santo sticks

  • Approximately 4 inches

  • To use: Light one end of the Palo Santo with a candle, match or lighter. Allow to burn for 30 seconds to 1 minute and blow out. Move around the space that needs cleansing and allow the smoke to waft around the room. Place the Palo Santo in a fire proof dish and allow the embers to burn out. Never leave lit Palo Santo unattended and keep away from children.

Tranquil Palo Santo Bundle